The Alchemy of Smallness

The Alchemy of Smallness, by Venetta Octavia

If I were a movie, what would I be rated? PG-13

Any spoilers in this review? Nope.

Summary: This is a book about trauma, so the appropriate trigger warnings apply. There are 5 poems inside, 1 of which has appeared on her tumblr.

I’m too young to be this old / too sick to be this alive*

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this. Then I read the line “my father’s mouth” and it was like a horrible understanding, dark and terrible, was suddenly in front of me in the form of a monster I didn’t know existed and now can’t ignore.

Poetry is a tricky thing. Octavia has a hazy, veiled voice. I mean that as a compliment. And I hope she’s okay.

What some people might be uncomfortable reading about in this book because of personal opinion or belief: it is about trauma, as the description says. I had no problems, but others might. I discovered this book on tumblr.

*line from The Hive