31353550Unmythologize, by Arlen C.

If I were a movie, what would I be rated? PG

Any spoilers in this review? Nope.

SummaryA collection of 12 poems inspired by Greek mythology. Featuring the stories of Icarus, Artemis, Persephone, Andromeda, and more.

and this is what the poets don’t tell you:

you don’t need to die to be a martyr.

sometimes, crushing your soul to tatters

in your fist is enough.

I’m glad Atlas got a beautiful line like that. We don’t hear about Atlas enough. Lovely take on various Greek myths. If you enjoy modern, freestyle poetry and myths, this is probably right up your lane.

What some people might be uncomfortable reading about in this book because of personal opinion or belief: well, it centers on Greek myths, so if you have any issues with that then don’t read this.


Author: Grace

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